Greetings Everyone!

I am so humbled that Greens across the country chose me to serve as your next Vice President English on Federal Council. THANK YOU for your vote of confidence. As I promised during the campaign, I will be working for EVERYONE in the most honest and transparent way that I can, and I will work my hardest to deserve your vote. To my fellow candidates, Keith, George, and Zachary, thank you for putting your names forward and the hours you sacrificed for our party. I was honoured to run with you.

This was a collaborative team effort and I want to especially thank my campaign team lead Christina Winter for her incredible overall management of the campaign. A special thank you to Aisha, Emma-Jane, Raesha, Rachel, Kira, Matt, Me-kon, Jennifer, and Parker. You all inspire. Thank you for an incredible start on this journey.

My family is my heart and they are my well of support. I love you beyond measure. I am also so grateful to my parents and elders for paving a way and giving me  continued strength. As the first IBPoC person to hold this seat, I will never forget the sacrifices made and will always attempt to serve with honour and respect. I stand on your shoulders.

I will be engaging in election activities over the next few weeks after I return from holiday. I encourage you to continue to support your local Green candidates and also work on re-electing our current MPs Paul Manly and Elizabeth May.  

I look forward to meeting with my fellow councillors in the very near future.

With gratitude and hope,