Lisa's Story

Dr. Lisa Gunderson (she/her) is an inspiring community leader, business owner, and psychologist who lives in Saanich with her two sons and partner of 24 years. In her communities she is often known as Dr. Lisa or Dr. G.

Lisa is deeply connected and committed to the people and communities around her, and she stands up for social and racial justice and the environment. She is an authentic voice for representing people through her advocacy and her work.

Her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology is from the University of Southern California. A former tenured professor, Lisa has taught in post-secondary and secondary schools. One Love Consulting, the business she created, attains meaningful and tangible changes--all to create a more equitable and just society.

As an active Green, Lisa has volunteered as an equity consultant, pundit, spokesperson for proportional representation, campaign volunteer, riding association member, panelist, and member of the diversity/equity committee.

Lisa believes that politics is an avenue for significant, sustainable change that makes a true difference in our lives. This is a critical moment for the Green Party of Canada and its future, and we need a Federal Council that can truly listen and work collaboratively for our party’s success. Lisa will ensure that the Green Party of Canada remains a collaborative and inclusive space that honours global Green values. We can foster a sense of collaboration and unity around what brings us together as Greens and provide our members and fellow Canadians a real choice on doing politics differently - from the inside-out.

Lisa is dedicated to creating, cultivating, and supporting spaces for youth, IBPoC, and other marginalized voices. Her commitment is clear with her active participation in ethnic, parent, and civic organizations and on local and national boards and advisory committees. Examples include the ACB-National Expert Working Group on the impacts of COVID-19 on African, Caribbean, and Black Communities (ACB), the African Heritage Association of Vancouver Island, the Confederation of Parents' Advisory Councils of Saanich, and Saanich Council’s Planning, Transportation, and Economic Development Advisory Committee.

Lisa is a first generation African-American and Canadian immigrant of Jamaican heritage. She loves time with family at the ocean, movies, playing dominoes, baking, and anything basketball-related. A respected voice for our community, she will genuinely listen, bring people together to work collaboratively, and serve as a bridge between our membership and governance structures at all levels.