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Lisa created One Love Consulting to focus on creating a more equitable and just society by providing consultations, training, and professional development opportunities that have led to substantial and tangible changes locally, provincially, and nationally. These are some of the specific examples that hightlight Lisa's work:

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Youth-Led Education

Lisa co-facilitates a group of diverse youth of African ancestry (ages 14-18), Project Respect, Girls and Femmes with Afro-Textured Hair, and the Victoria Sexual Assault Center on a community project sponsored by the Public Health Agency of Canada called Black Youth Empowerment (BYE). This group is collaborating on a bystander intervention program for secondary students that is reflective of some Black students’ realities. They will be providing the workshop to Black students across BC in June 2021.

BC Counselling

Lisa has successfully advocated for changes to BC Association of Clinical Counsellors policies:

  • added the fields “BIPOC Counsellor” and “Indigenous Counsellor” to Public Profile options
  • added “Racialized violence” and “Racism” to the Areas of Practice that clients can choose when looking for a counsellor
  • created “BIPOC RCC” and “Indigenous Counsellor” Communities of Practice so that members can connect and build networks to support each other
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Lisa works with staff, inmates, and volunteers at William Head Institute to provide ethnocultural awareness and education and mental wellness workshops to offenders. She has facilitated workshops and assisted with cultural events since 2016. Her work at William Head was so valuable that Corrections Services of Canada (CSC) invited her to continue her work with five other institutions in the Pacific Region.

Toward Community Justice

Lisa provided key subject matter expertise to the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General during the development of B.C.'s training on Fair and Impartial Policing (FIP) with a team from the Victoria Police Department. This program helps police officers recognize and work against implicit and unconscious bias and is now mandatory for all B.C. police officers.

Read About Lisa's Work on CorrectionsRead About Lisa's Work Toward Community Justice

One Love Consulting specializes in providing anti-racism and equity facilitated discussions and consultation. You can find out more about Lisa's work on her business website.

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